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How Do You Know If A Moving Company Is The Best Match? 4 Questions To Ask

Which moving company is the best choice for your family? You're not sure which pro to choose from the local movers in your area. Whether this is your first move or the first time you've hired a contractor, take a look at the questions that can help you to find the best mover match.

Where Is Your New Home?

The term local moving doesn't only refer to movers who work in your "local" community or area. These movers typically operate in one local radius. The specific radius depends on the contractor—but won't include interstate moves. If your new home is within 50 (or slightly more, depending on the contractor) miles of the old one, a local company is the best option to match your family's needs.

What Are the Company's Normal Business Hours?

Unlike banks and some other businesses, most movers operate on an expanded or non-traditional schedule. But this doesn't necessarily mean that every mover is available or has normal business hours when you need to move. Before you hire one mover, ask about the company's scheduling and availability.

If you need to move in the evening or on a weekend, make sure the mover can accommodate your family's scheduling needs. While many contractors do offer these types of non-weekday hours, some time slots (such as weekends) may fill up well in advance of the date. This means you may need to book your move more than a few weeks out. 

Do You Have References?

Now that you know more about where the mover works and the hours of operation, you need to take the next step and explore the services. While the mover can explain the services the company offers, a reference can provide you with a real-world description. This is one of the best ways to understand whether the mover is the right match for your family or not.

Avoid companies that only provide customers with generic reviews or refuse to offer references. Look for references that speak to the individual service's the company offers. If the reference focuses on services you don't need (such as full-service or packing add-ons), it isn't relevant to your contractor search. 

How Do You Normally Communicate With Your Customers?

Do you email just about everything? Do you only text your friends—and not business contacts? Is a phone call the easiest way to get a hold of your family or household members? The mover should have the ability to communicate in a way that makes sense or is practical to you. If you have a preferred mode of communication (whether it's email, text, or phone calls), make sure the company can accommodate this option.

For more information, contact a moving company near you.