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3 Tips For Hiring A Local Moving Company That Really Works For You

Before you make your local move, you need to select the moving company that offers the highest level of professionalism, best reputation, and most customer satisfaction guarantees. The fact of the matter is that moving residences is a big deal, even if you're not planning to move that far. These three tips for choosing a professional local mover will help you to identify a company that has the skills needed to make moving day a succinct operation.

1. Do Your Research - There's a lot of practical advice available on what factors people should utilize when comparing local moving services. Some of this advice includes looking up reviews and asking for referrals. Although those are both decent ways to vet local movers, you really have to know who is operating the moving company you ultimately contract with.

When you're researching local movers, stay by confirming that each company is legally permitted to operate. According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, all companies that are in the business of transporting need to have a USDOT number. This number can only be obtained by licensed businesses, and having access to it will allow you to see if the local movers you research are in compliance.

2. Moving Companies and Insurance - In order to safely and securely move their clients' personal possessions, professional movers need insurance. Just like you need insurance to legally drive your car, moving companies need insurance to operate moving trucks and perform services as a reputable businesses. Inquire about the type of insurance each mover has obtained so that you will have a better idea of just how professional your moving company options are.

3. Review Each Contract - Reputable movers require their clients to sign binding agreements before they'll agree to move their belongings. Sometimes these contracts spell out each parties responsibilities in a lot of detail, while other contracts might just include a few generalities. Look to see if your local moving quote is guaranteed on the contract prior to signing it. This will let you know if you have received a fair and accurate estimate or if you can expect to pay additional fees for charges you may not be anticipating.

It can be easy to assume that a local mover is reputable because you've seen their ads or trucks in operation, but you don't really know how satisfied their clients were with their services until you do additional investigation. Always be sure to have a written copy of a company's policies in writing. And most importantly, ask any and every question that comes to mind about the moving process so that you'll be prepared as best as you can.