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Moving With A Large Collection Of Wine? 3 Tips To Avoid Broken Bottles During The Trip

Some hobbies revolve around sports while others involve collecting and consuming. If you are an avid wine lover and have amassed a sizable collection of vintage wines throughout the years, you may not want to put it at risk at any point in time. But, if you are moving in the near future, it must hit the road. Packing wine bottles is one thing that you do not want to cut corners on as the results can be disastrous. Follow several tips on safely transporting your wine collection to your new home is essential.

Professional Assistance

The easiest way to handle this situation is to enlist help from professionals, such as We're Ready, LLC, who know just what they are doing. One option is to hire movers to help you with packing your entire home, or just the wine collection. The wine bottles may be the only thing you do not feel comfortable with doing on your own. Although accidents can happen, appropriate packing techniques will prevent most of these potential mishaps.

Put It in the Car

If you are renting a moving truck for the drive to the new home, you might be thinking about whether you want to put your wine collection inside the truck. When you are only moving a short distance away, you should consider making multiple trips with your personal vehicle to safely transport the wine. This will allow you to take it extra slowly and in a car you feel completely comfortable with driving. However, just because you are moving the wine in your vehicle does not mean you can bypass cautious packing.

Careful Packing

An excellent way to start if you decide to do the packing on your own is to treat it as wine to ship. If you can pack a wine bottle good enough that it can get through shipping, then it is fine for the road. Investing in wine boxes is a great idea because they are designed specifically for carrying wine bottles. Packing paper will be your best friend through the packing process as you want to use it to cover each bottle. This should give you the confidence to hire movers to load and unload your collection or to take it on your own.

It may not be possible to get your hands on some of the wine that you have in your collection again. So, taking your time with packing and transporting is key to avoiding broken bottles during a move.