Storing Your Things Safely

Moving Your Garage Office To A Co-Working Office Space? 3 Tips On Storing Your Extra Things

Being able to turn your garage into an office may have been a convenient solution in the beginning. It is possible to experience most of the success that you would like to have from this space. But, if you are interested in building upon that success, you should consider moving elsewhere. Transferring your office into a co-working office space is a perfect opportunity for improving your business. It is a place where you can work with other professionals, gain inspiration, and maintain a healthier social life. You may want to clear out the garage for another purpose such as storing cars or for working on projects. This will leave you with leftover items that you need to store, and a storage unit is an ideal place.


Most co-working buildings where you can rent a small space for yourself include a lot of features. A high-quality printer is one feature that you can rely on already being in the office. If your printer in the garage was only used for business, you do not need to keep a second printer in your home. The best thing to do is store it until you reach a point in which you need a dedicated office and a printer is necessary. Put the ink cartridges in separate bags with a sponge to keep the ink moist and secure the printer with tape. Then, store the printer in its original box or put it on display in the unit if you are fine with dusting afterward.

Computer Desk

Co-working places often provide their tenants with desks to avoid cluttered areas. If people were able to bring in desks, it would only be a matter of time until oversized desks eliminate comfort in the space. But, you should be able to take your chair along, so you only need to worry about storing the desk. If you have a wood or metal one, you need to climate control to keep humidity from leading to rotting or corrosion.

Wall Art

Using your garage as an office means you will easily have more space compared to co-working. This means you may have an abundance of wall art that no longer has a home. With no intention to get rid of the art, you should clean each piece and then thoroughly wrap it in cardboard with the frame for protection. Storing artwork is demanding because it requires a precise climate to avoid damage. So, your best bet is to find a storage company that offers an array of indoor units within a climate-controlled facility.

Keeping your office leftovers is helpful because you will have a lot of what you need after upgrading from a co-working space, and knowing how to correctly store everything is a necessity.

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