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4 Tips To Help You Pack More Efficiently For Your Next Household Move

According to the American Community Survey in 2007, it is estimated the average person in the United States can expect to move 11.7 times in their life. With all the household moving in the years ahead, it can be a good idea to begin using some smart and organizational packing habits. Here are four tips to help you pack more efficiently for your next move.

#1 Begin Packing Early

When you have an entire household to pack for moving, there are many items you can begin packing several weeks early and get out of the way. Then, as you get closer to your moving date, you will have the time to pack items you use more frequently and on a daily basis. 

Start by packing up any items in your storage room or closets, such as any seasonal items and clothing. If your holiday decorations are not already packed in a box, take this time to put them in a box, so they will be ready for moving day. Other items you can begin packing early includes books, DVDs, outdoor equipment, food storage, and some of your children's toys, if you have young children.

#2 De-Clutter as You Pack

Take some time, as you pack up items from closets and storage areas, to throw away or donate any items you haven't used in the past year or no longer need. It is common for unused and unneeded items to get pushed into the back of storage spaces and be forgotten, especially the longer you live in one place. As you have already started your packing early, you will have a little bit of extra time to sort through items and ponder about when you last used each one.

#3 Organize Your Boxes

While you pack, be sure to label each box for what room's contents it contains. Then, assign each box a number, writing it on the outside of the box with a marker. Then, create a master list, including box numbers and the items included in each box. This can be helpful when you are unpacking and want to set up, for example, the television and satellite control box or your bathroom toilet paper. You will be able to locate the box and unpack its contents for use. 

#4 Pack Smartly

As you pack household items into boxes, only store like-items, or items all from the same room, into one box. Resist the urge to pick items from around the house to top off a moving box, simply because the items fit well in the box's remaining space. You may be trying to economize on your packing and minimize your packed boxes, but when it is time to unpack at your new place, it can cause disorganization. For example, when you are unpacking a box labeled "living room" and find items that belong in the bathroom or kitchen, you will spend more time delivering those items to each of their respective places. 

Use these tips to help make packing and moving an easier process. When you're ready to move or if you have questions about moving services, contact Quick n Careful Movers.