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Moving? 3 Ways To Make Use Of Your Trash Bags

While it is true that most people use boxes when they move, it doesn't mean that you can't use anything else during the move to pack your belongings. After all, you may not be able to find as many free boxes as you would like and can't afford to purchase a lot out of your pocket. This is where alternative options can come in handy. One such option is the trash bag, which can prove to be very convenient during your move. Here are five ways to put garbage bags to good use when you're moving:

1. Packing

There will likely come a time when you may run short on your packing boxes. Maybe you underestimated the number of boxes that you needed or you simply weren't able to acquire as many boxes as you needed. Whatever the case may be, there is absolutely no reason that you can't pull out your garbage bags and use them for a few things. Trash bags are perfect for linens, stuffed animals, light clothing, pillows, toys and purses. As long as you avoid packing anything breakable and don't make them too heavy, you can use the trash bags for just about any of your belongings.

2. Outer Protection

Regardless of the weather outside when you're moving, you will want to protect your electronics during the move. Many people tend to use blankets, sheets and similar items to protect printers, televisions, etc. However, there is no reason that you can't use a plastic trash bag. In fact, you can use both. The trash bag can be used to keep dirt and dust away from the electronics, while the blanket helps to pad the electronics from any bumps that may be experienced during the move. Trash bags also help to keep moisture out, which can prove to be beneficial with lamps, wood furniture, etc.

3. Interior Box Lining

If you got some free produce boxes from the local grocery store, you may notice that some of them don't have complete bottoms. While these boxes are strong, you need some kind of lining so that the box will hold your personal belongings. Alternatively, you may have some boxes that do not fully close leaving you with a similar problem. This is where a trash bag comes in. You can place the bag on the very bottom of the box to serve as an interior liner. If you don't feel comfortable with just the bag, you can always cut a piece of cardboard to fit inside the bottom of the box and place it inside the trash bag before beginning to place your items inside the bag and box.

You may not be doing the actual moving of your stuff. However, if you have left the packing up to yourself, the aforementioned tricks with trash bags may come in handy. Visit for more information.